Engagement Invitation Sms

  • We Have A Very Good Reason To Share The Spirit This
    Season Please Join With Us In Celebration As We Are
    United In Engagement.
  • We Have A Special Announcement.
    We Wish Your Presence To Be There.
    Very Soon We Will Live Life Together And
    We Want You To Be A Big Part Of It!
  • We Are Happy To Announce That Soon, We Will
    Tying The Knot.So Join Us As We Get Engaged
    And Celebrate This Moment With Us!
  • Two Hearts That Beat As One.
    We Finally Decide To Tie The Knot!
    We Invite You To Witness Our Engagement Celebration.
  • It All Started With A Smile…
    Progressed With A Kiss….
    And Will End With A Celebration Like This!
    Please Join Us As We Get Engaged To Be Married!
  • God Is Good Because He Gave The Sign.
    We Are Now Ready To Announce Our Official Status.
    So Join And Attend The Party We Set For Our Friends
    And Family Who Made Our Relationship More Fun And Exciting!
  • We Need You To Here As We Pop The Big News To All!
    You Are Invited To The Engagement Party Of The Soon
    To Be Husband And Wife!
  • Because You Hold A Special Place In Our Life And
    Heart Would Be Honored If You Can Join Us When We
    Say The Magical Words And Promise To Be Together For Life.